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Professor Eunor Guti Credits Late Husband for Her Success in Upcoming Book Launch

Professor Eunor Guti unveiled details about her highly anticipated upcoming book, set to be launched this Saturday.

Speaking to the media during the press conference, she expressed her gratitude and acknowledged the instrumental role played by her late husband, Professor Ezekiel Guti, in shaping her into the person she is today.

“For the past 20 years, I was with my husband, and he taught me how to write,” Professor Guti revealed to the media.

“There were times when I served as his personal assistant, and he would wake me up, sharing his thoughts and ideas, urging me to put them into writing.”

Professor Guti attributed her husband’s encouragement and support as key factors in her pursuit of education and professional growth.

She reminisced about her journey, stating, “My husband encouraged me to work hard and instilled in me a love for education. I began as a state registered nurse, but he sent me to various schools to pursue additional courses.

With his unwavering support, I completed a bookkeeping course and obtained my degree.”

The late Professor Ezekiel Guti’s influence extended beyond academics.

Professor Guti shared an anecdote, saying, “At one point, he even sent me to school to learn how to cook, although I already knew how. However, he wanted me to learn how to feed a hundred people or more. His teachings extended to cultivating love, which I still carry with me today.”

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Professor Eunor Guti’s book launch, scheduled for this Saturday, is expected to delve into her personal and professional experiences, providing valuable insights for readers.

The book promises to shed light on the profound impact her late husband had on her life, offering inspiration and guidance to individuals seeking personal growth and success.

As anticipation builds ahead of the book launch, readers eagerly await the opportunity to delve into the pages of Professor Eunor Guti’s work, hoping to gain valuable knowledge from the wisdom she has acquired throughout her journey.-ZiMetro


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