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Mother jailed for assaulting daughter (11) with a brick

Debra Masese, a 33 year old woman, has been sent to jail for 24 months by the Mutare Magistrates Court. She hurt her 11-year-old daughter using a half brick because the dishes were not washed. Debra Masese was taken to court for physical abuse charges.

“The State proved that sometime in April 2024, the accused person physically assaulted Makanaka Masese her 11-year-old biological daughter with a half brick on the right side of the head. The accused person went to town leaving the complainant with her brother.

“Upon coming back the accused person found out that the complainant had not washed the plates and this enraged the accused person resulting in her hitting the complainant with the brick,” said the prosecution.

Masese brought her daughter to a clinic for help, but someone anonymously reported the incident.

“The complainant fell down and became unconscious and the accused person went with her to the clinic for treatment. The matter came to light after a tip-off was made that the accused person had hit the complainant. The complainant was interviewed and she revealed the truth”.

Masese received a 24-month sentence, with 8 months suspended, meaning she will spend 16 months in prison.

Source | ZiMetro


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