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Former radio personality King Lochnation fined USD100 for stealing wine

the diva seem to have a penchant for premium wine, hit a Malibu and Beefeater

Harare- FORMER radio personality Lorraine Charlotte Bgoya better known by her moniker King Lochnation was on Tuesday convicted and fined USD 100 for stealing two bottles of wine.

The 37-year old diva and free spirited belle appeared before Harare magistrate Gamuchirai Gore answering to two charges of theft and pleaded guilty to both .

For the second count, she was sentenced to one month in prison wholly suspended on condition that she restitutes the Food Lovers supermarket US$28.

Circumstances are that on February 21,Lochnation masquaraded as a genuine shopper and entered Food Lovers at Avondale where she skillfully pilfered a bottle of a premium wine Malibu(750ml) and slipped it into her handbag before walking away unnoticed.

Using the same modus operandi, she returned three days later and in this instance she settled for a 750ml bottle of Beefeater London Strawberry .

The security personell manning the CCTV was closely watching her moves so when she exited the shop, he followed her and requested to search the handbag -she complied.

That is when the 750ml bottle of Beefeater London Strawberry wine and the 750ml Malibu were recovered.

Intrestingly, it is not clear why she had not consumed the Malibu bottle she had hit three days prior.

The security personell replayed the CCTV and discovered that the Malibu was stolen on February 21.

Her loot was valued at US$57 and US$28 was recovered.

The development raises concern on the societal pressure exerted on local celebrities to keep up appearances and ‘fake the funk’ .

At the peak of her radio career, she hung around with the ‘girls about town’ and possessed immense talent on air.
She was the presenter of a popular programme titled “Off the Wall” broadcast on Zi-FM Stereo.
Her content creation prowess also saw her landing a leading role at one the country’s pioneering creative hub Moto Republik.

She proceeded to work with continental organisation called Africanofilter whose mandate is to shift stereotypical narratives about and within Africa, by investing in creatives, media storytellers, narrative research and advocacy efforts.

In June 2023, another female celebrity and commidienne Felistas Murata aka Mai TT was jailed for theft of trust property.

In an interview with a local publication while in prison, she confessed that she succumbed to social media pressure where she depicted a lifestyle that she later failed to maintain and urged others to desist from such behaviour.

She has since reformed is now into a bag making business.



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