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Blaze At Matapi Hostel Cloak Room Leaves Traders Tallying Losses

A fire erupted yesterday at the Matapi Hostel Cloak room, engulfing several bales of clothes and leaving numerous traders facing significant financial losses estimated in the thousands of dollars.

The exact cause of the fire remains unknown as investigations are currently ongoing. The City of Harare Fire Brigade successfully extinguished the flames around 6 am yesterday morning. Stanley Gama, spokesperson for the council, stated that investigations into the incident are still underway.

“We responded to a fire at the Matapi Hostel Cloak room where bales of clothes are stored, and our Fire Brigade managed to contain it,” Gama said. “However, we are unable to determine the cause of the fire at this time as investigations are ongoing.”

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Eyewitnesses, speaking , expressed confusion over the origin of the fire.

“All we know is that people have suffered losses because Matapi is where many individuals sell their goods,” one witness named Stavo remarked. “We were unable to discern how the fire started, but we made attempts to extinguish it ourselves until the Fire Brigade arrived.”

In another story, Chaos and destruction painted the cityscape of Harare late last night, as a ferocious blaze erupted at the heart of the metropolis.

Part of the footbridge and surrounding buildings across Joina City along Julius Nyerere Way succumbed to the fiery inferno, leaving a trail of charred facades and smoldering debris.

The flames first burst forth in the evening hours, sending tongues of fire licking across the night sky. Witnesses on the scene described a scene of pandemonium, with panicked screams mingling with the crackle of flames and the ominous hiss of water spouts battling the inferno…read in full



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