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A Chinese Man Blows $72k In Casino, Confesses To Employer

A Chinese man Yu Yue, contracted to sell tires on behalf of a local company, failed to account for US$72,000. When questioned further, he confessed to his employer that he had squandered the funds at a casino.

Yu Yue appeared in court yesterday without entering a plea. The complainant is Osaka (Pvt) Ltd.

Yue worked as a sales representative for the company from June of last year until April of this year, when he was in charge of pitching tyres to different clients. He neglected to send the money to the business, though.

The corporation carried out an audit this month and found that there was a $72,050 deficiency. When confronted, Yue acknowledged that he had spent all of the missing cash at a casino.

Sadly, none of the money that was stolen was found again.

In another story, Two Accused of Defrauding a Chinese Businessman for over US$750K. A recent case in Harare’s courts has brought attention to allegations of fraud involving a director at Southchoice Investments and a legal clerk. Elizabeth Simpson, aged 53, and Cephas Masuka, aged 41, are accused of defrauding a Chinese businessman, Dong Ye, of a substantial amount, totaling US$750,000, during a real estate transaction that went awry.

According to reports, Dong Ye, who resides in China, expressed interest in investing in Zimbabwe to his friend Sun Jiabao, a resident in the country. Sun Jiabao connected Dong Ye with Sun Peng, another Chinese national with investment ties in Zimbabwe. Sun Peng, allegedly promising significant returns, suggested that Dong Ye invest in mining opportunities through Terran Resource and Africa China Mining Private Limited…read in full

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