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Mai Tt Encourages Daughter To Spill More Photos – “Regedzai Aburitse Zvose Zvaanazvo, Vamwe Hativhunduki Ka!”

Mai TT and her daughter have just created a WORLD RECORD in infamy — they are the first mother and daughter to have their photographs leaked.

While a number of celebrities around the world have had their private photos leaked online, over the years, it’s the first time that a mother and daughter have found themselves in this situation.

Mai TT’s daughter, Felisha, 17, was trending on social media yesterday when her private photos emerged on the internet.

The mother and daughter have now joined a band of high-profile individuals, around the world, whose private photos ended up being loaded onto the internet.

Some of the photos were taken after a hack with the most infamous being the one known as Celebgate,” which exploded in 2014.

A man hacked more than 100 iCloud accounts and it gave him access into more than 500 private pictures of various celebrities.

Topless photos of Bella Thorne have also been posted online.

“I feel gross, I feel watched, I feel someone has taken something from me that I only wanted one special person to see,” she wrote on Twitter.

Miley Cyrus was also the target of a photo hack and, according to The Sun, a number of images were stolen from the pop star and posted online in 2017.

Hollywood A-Lister Jennifer Lawrence was the biggest fish snared in the hack when her iCloud account as hacked in 2014.

“(The leak) is not a scandal. It is a crime,” she told Vanity Fair.

While all these women were disappointed and furious that their private photos ended up in the public domain, with some taking legal action, Mai TT appears comfortable that photos of her teenage daughter have flooded the internet.

She even appeared to be encouraging her daughter to spill more photos onto the internet.

“Regedzai aburitse zvose zvaanazvo, vamwe hativhunduki ka,” she said in a video clip.

“The likes of Shashl had her pictures and videos leaked.

“You don’t have to worry about it, many people had their pictures leaked, which made them famous.”

Her shameless response appears to suggest that there is nothing wrong with photos of her daughter being paraded online.

“This is what is frightening,” said a woman who chose not to be named.

“It’s a shame if you ask me because her response isn’t something one would expect from a mother.

“We should always be protective of our kids, especially those who are still in teenage years and encouraging them to flood the internet with more photos of themselves is, in my view, crossing the line.

“The world has changed because this is incredible.

“I don’t have any problem with Mai TT doing her crazy stuff because she is a grown-up woman but I have a challenge when we don’t see any problem in a 17-year-old being shamed on the internet.”

Another woman, who also chose not to be named, said she did not believe what she was hearing.

“I saw the video and I couldn’t believe what Mai TT was saying. She was even trying to justify it and suggesting it was done by others, including Shashl.

“But, when you want to see the difference in the response of the parents then you look at these two issues and you will see the sober and the crazy ones.

“Shashl’s parents were quick to seek protection from the police and the case ended up in court, her father was supportive, even in court because he cares about his daughter.

“Mai TT has just sent this message that she doesn’t care and doesn’t see any reason why people are interested in her daughter.”

Mai TT had her photographs leaked last year.

Following the leak, she claimed the act was revenge by her ex-husband and a former friend.

She claimed that the pictures were given to her former friend by her former husband.

“The only person who had my pictures is my ex-husband who gave them to someone.”

Source | H-Metro


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