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Holy Ten’s “RISKY LIFE II” Album Taken Down From Streaming Services

In a surprising twist, Holy Ten’s highly anticipated album, RISKY LIFE II, has been unexpectedly pulled from several streaming platforms due to a copyright claim made by music producer Tatenda LXA.

Tatenda LXA’s accusation that his beat—which is prominently featured on the track “ONE STEP AHEAD”—was used in the album without his permission is the basis for the lawsuit.

Tatenda LXA claims she contacted Holy Ten’s team in February to address the matter, but she never heard back. He filed a copyright claim because he was frustrated with the lack of communication, which led to the removal of the entire album from streaming services

Diverse responses have been generated by the announcement on social media. While Tatenda LXA’s devoted fan following has rushed to Holy Ten’s defence, speculating that the claim was motivated by jealously, others have praised Tatenda LXA for defending his rights and emphasising how crucial it is that musicians comprehend copyright law. RISKY LIFE II

This is not Holy Ten’s first run-in with copyright issues. His popular song “Ucharamba Uchipisa,” which he co-wrote with Poptain and Michael Magz, was also taken down from YouTube earlier in February 2024 due to a copyright dispute.

As Holy Ten navigates these legal challenges, the incident underscores the complexities and pitfalls musicians face in the digital age, where issues of ownership and authorization are increasingly paramount.

Source | ZiMetro


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