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Affair With Married Man Turns Violent

A shocking incident unfolded at Tshapho business center in Matopo, Matabeleland South province, as a confrontation between two women over an alleged affair with a married man turned violent, leaving one woman injured and traumatized.

Sanelisiwe Ncube, a 33-year-old resident of Domboshava village, found herself at the center of a public spectacle when Siduduzile Ndlovu, 37, confronted her at the bar on December 3 last year. Accusations of infidelity quickly escalated into a heated altercation, with tempers flaring.

According to witnesses, as Ncube attempted to de-escalate the situation by excusing herself to the restroom, Ndlovu pursued her and launched a vicious attack. Armed with a knife, Ndlovu stabbed Ncube twice in the buttocks and once in the thigh, causing her to collapse in agony and scream for help.

Following the brutal assault, Ndlovu fled the scene, leaving Ncube bleeding profusely on the ground. Concerned bystanders rushed Ncube to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention, where she underwent treatment for her injuries.

Subsequently, Ndlovu was apprehended and appeared before Kezi magistrate Busani Sibanda, where she pleaded guilty to assault charges. The magistrate, taking into account the severity of the offense and the use of a dangerous weapon, sentenced Ndlovu to 18 months imprisonment. However, he suspended eight months of the sentence on the condition of good behavior for five years, with the remaining 10 months suspended on the condition of 350 hours of community service at White Water Primary School.

In her mitigation plea, Ndlovu cited her responsibility as a mother of four minor children and her meager income from fetching water for community members. Meanwhile, Ncube expressed the physical and emotional toll of the attack in a victim impact statement, detailing her struggles with sitting, sleeping, and performing daily chores, as well as the financial burden of medical expenses.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked jealousy and violence, underscoring the need for peaceful conflict resolution and respect for the rule of law. As Ncube continues to recover from her injuries, authorities hope that justice served will deter similar acts of aggression in the future.- B Metro


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