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Edward Sadomba Hands Over Gun To Police Due To Personal Struggles

Former football player, Edward Sadomba, turned up his registered pistol to the police after experiencing a worrying deterioration in his mental state due to ongoing disputes with his estranged wife, Sherlynn.

Edward Sadomba had originally gotten the rifle for home defence, but as his mental health declined, he began to worry that he may abuse it in the midst of rising family strife.

Persuaded that his personal hardships were negatively impacting his mental state, Sadomba made the decision to give police enforcement the pistol and its ammunition, with the backing of reliable sources.

His union with his childhood sweetheart is in jeopardy since Sherlynn is requesting a protective order against him on the grounds that he has abused his wife.

Living together at Pokugara Estate, Borrowdale, but having lived in different wings for the previous two turbulent years, Sadomba and Sherlynn’s relationship seems irreversibly damaged, and a reunion seems improbable.

The couple’s intense hatred of one another is highlighted by the fact that Sadomba has put in place biometric security measures to gain access to his living quarters.

Sadomba’s family is so hostile that he hasn’t eaten at home in seven months out of concern that he could become ill from the poisonous air he lives in.

Source | ZiMetro


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