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Fifi Ex Boyfriend, Amir Mhaka Declared Innocence

Unexpectedly, Amir Mhaka, the centre of attention for the controversy involving the publicly released images of Mai TT’s daughter Felicia Muzeya, has moved to clarify his identity.

Mhaka has made a direct appeal to Police Commissioner Godwin Matanga, demanding an extensive probe into the situation in order to clear his name of any potential misconduct.

Mhaka, through his attorney Admire Rubaya, has adamantly denied any knowledge of receiving or sharing Felicia Muzeya’s personal photos, asserting his innocence. He is adamant about the need for additional investigation into the situation.

Rubaya stressed the necessity of looking into Mhaka’s and Felicia Muzeya’s cell phones in a letter to Commissioner Matanga, implying that the probe should cover both sides. Mhaka has willingly turned over his phone for a cyber investigation in an attempt to prove his innocence.

Rubaya reaffirmed Mhaka’s position, saying, “He (Mhaka) further asserts that the Police Cyber experts should examine the complainant’s mobile phone to ascertain if there is any trace of evidence that she once sent those alleged leaked photos to the accused person, instead of just examining his mobile handset.”

The notion that Felicia Muzeya was personally involved in the image distribution has been one of the alternate theories put up by Mhaka’s legal team for consideration during the investigation. They also sparked concerns about Muzeya’s online behaviour by implying that she might be active on sites like OnlyFans, where sharing of private material is customary. In order to learn the real story behind the leak, they implore authorities to investigate these options.

Source | ZiMetro


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