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Accidents claim 553 lives in 4 months

LATEST Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) figures indicate that 552 people died in road traffic accidents in the last quarter.

The figures represent a 7,9% increase on traffic accidents recorded in the third quarter of 2023.

Presenting the 4th Quarter 2023: Transport Statistics Report, ZimStat’s Mable Chimhore said 2 663 people were injured in the recorded 4th quarter traffic accidents.

“Road traffic accidents increased by 7,9% from 12 564 reported in 3rd quarter to 13 552 in 4th quarter 2023,” Chimhore said.

“The 13 552 road traffic accidents that were reported during 4th quarter 2023 resulted in 553 deaths and 2 663 injuries.”

According to a World of Statistics report released last year, 41 deaths per every 100 000 people die in road traffic accidents in Zimbabwe.

The statistics shared under the road traffic mortality category place the Dominican Republic on top, with 65 deaths per every 100 000 on a list of 31 countries with Sweden having the least number with two.

Meanwhile, Chimhore said 27 441 vehicles were registered for the first time during the last quarter, reflecting a 32,2% increase from 3rd quarter 2023.

“The number of light motor vehicles registered for the first time increased by 34,8% from 14 405 during the 3rd quarter 2023 to 21 550, in the 4th quarter 2023.”

“On certificate of competence, ZimStat figures revealed that of the 70 461 candidates who underwent certificate of competence test during the 4th quarter 2023, less than half (39,4%) succeeded.

“In all provinces, except Manicaland (59,7%) and Mashonaland East (61,8%), proportions of candidates who passed the certificate of competence tests during the 4th quarter 2023, were less than 50%, ranging from 30,3% in Midlands to 42,6% in Matabeleland South,” she said.

Chomhore said all the country’s international airports reported a decrease in flights (military flights excluded) in the 4th quarter compared to 3rd quarter 2023.

“During 4th quarter 2023, Victoria Falls International Airport recorded 3 476 flights, depicting a 25,3% decrease from 4 652 in 3rd quarter 2023. All airports, except Victoria Falls recorded an increase in the number of passengers during the 4th quarter 2023 compared to 3rd quarter 2023.”

The report also showed that Inland water vessels registered for the first time during 4th quarter 2023 were 89, showing a 264% decrease from 121 in the 3rd quarter 2023.

“In 4th quarter 2023, the volume of goods transported through rail, excluding tonnage in transit, was 433 031 net tonnes. A quarter-on-quarter comparison showed a 29,3% decrease from 3rd quarter 2023,” she added.



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