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Zanu PF Thugs Violently Attack Madzibaba VeShanduko During Political Gathering

In a disturbing incident of political violence, Madzibaba VeShanduko, a staunch supporter of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, was violently assaulted today while attempting to protect a fellow supporter during a public gathering.

The supporter, known by his religious title but identified as Godfrey Karembera, reported the attack from Mabvuku Police Station, seeking refuge and filing a formal complaint.

The altercation unfolded when Mai Cheza, another prominent advocate for Chamisa, was allegedly slapped by unidentified assailants during a heated exchange.

Karembera, intervening to shield Mai Cheza, became the target of a sudden and vicious assault.

“When they struck the honorable lady on her cheek and I moved to defend her, they all pounced on me,” Karembera recounted the terrifying ordeal to the media.

Eyewitnesses described a chaotic scene with multiple individuals attacking Karembera, a well-known figure in the community recognized for his peaceful activism and signature red robe.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident, with officers at Mabvuku station confirming the collection of several statements and the initiation of a search for the assailants.

This assault on Karembera underscores the escalating tension and violence observed in political gatherings of late.

The incident raises significant concerns regarding safety during political events and the apparent targeting of opposition figures and their supporters.

Human rights organizations and political analysts are urging for calm and a comprehensive investigation into the incident to ensure the perpetrators are held accountable.

“Such acts of violence pose a threat to the democratic process and must be swiftly addressed to prevent further escalation,” emphasized a local human rights advocate.

Source | ZimEye


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