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Bezbets Fraud Case Now Under Lotteries And Gaming Board

The case in which Bezbets, a betting company was fined for defrauding a client of US$5 200 he had won after playing a game is now being handled by the Lotteries and Gaming Board (LGB). Bezbets was on March 15 this year sentenced to pay a fine of US$500 by a Harare magistrate, for swindling the client.

The complainant, Mr Prosper Dembedza has since written a letter to LGB pleading with the board to intervene and handle the case since they are the regulator.

“My main issue now is to seek your intervention as the biggest mountain and regulator for all betting and gaming institutions in the land to assist me to get my money as I won legally as proven by the country’s court of justice. I have 100 percent confidence in this Board (LGB) since it is the regulator and final destination in restoring sanity in my case and ensure that I get what I won legally.

“Your favourable decision will not just only benefit me but it will be a landmark judgement which will go a long way to assist all other disadvantaged punters countrywide. We as punters need to feel your presence,we need to see you standing for our rights against such dishonest betting institutions,” he said.

LGB chief executive officer Dr Misheck Chingozha could not give an immediate response as he said he needed to follow the due process before commenting on the matter.
“Regrettably, no response for you yet. But we are on it. Once a position is adopted you will be the first to know,” he said.
On March 15 this year, Magistrate Mr Simon Kandiyero ordered the Bezbets to pay the amount by March 30.
He noted that the company was not faithful in its business conduct.

Mr Kandiyero also ruled that the actions of the accused were enough to form an intention to Mr Dembedza.
However, he was unable to determine the actual amount of prejudice that the complainant suffered.
The company was represented by its manager Robson Chinamasa.

Source | ZiMetro


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