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Ex-Zim Soldiers Spotted In Ukrainian Army 

By Diplomatic Correspondent- At least five former Zimbabwean Soldiers have reportedly been identified in the Ukrainian army, a report by the Russian Defence Ministry has revealed. 

Tragically, one of them has already lost their life on the battlefield.

The report seen by NewsDay says the actual number of Zimbabwean mercenaries involved could be higher, possibly reaching up to ten. 

Three of these mercenaries are believed to be former soldiers from Zimbabwe.

The Russian military operation in Ukraine, which commenced on February 24, 2022, has led to a significant influx of foreign mercenaries.

The total count of these combatants arriving in Ukraine has now reached 13,387. The Russian army claims to have eliminated 5,962 of these mercenaries. It said:

The Russian Ministry of Defence continues to track and personally record all foreign mercenaries who have arrived in Ukraine to participate in combat action.

Russia claims 2,960 mercenaries arrived from Poland, 1,113 “soldiers of fortune are from the United States of America, and 1,042 fighters are from Georgia.

Other contributing countries include Canada, the United Kingdom, Romania, France, and Germany.

Among the foreign mercenaries, 249 hail from 14 African countries, and they have been present in Ukraine since the war began two years ago.

Tragically, 103 of these African fighters have lost their lives in the conflict. The countries with the highest representation are Nigeria (97), Algeria (60), and South Africa (35).

Remarkably, Zimbabwe and South Africa are the sole southern African countries with mercenaries actively operating in Ukraine.

Political analyst Pardon Taodzera said the participation of Zimbabwean mercenaries in Ukraine is worrisome since Zimbabwe is known to be pro-Russian. He said:

The involvement of Zimbabwean mercenaries in the Ukrainian conflict is a concerning development that underscores the complex and multi-faceted nature of modern warfare.

It highlights the ability of conflicts in one region to attract participants from across the globe, illustrating the interconnectedness of global security dynamics.

The emergence of Zimbabwean mercenaries in Ukraine raises questions about the motivations and interests driving their participation.

It suggests that non-State actors, motivated by a variety of factors including financial gain and ideological beliefs, are playing an increasingly significant role in shaping the course of conflicts around the world.

Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Yevgeny Uspensky, called for action regarding the issue of international mercenaries operating in Ukraine.

He highlighted that the UN Secretariat has been made aware of statistics revealing the involvement of foreign mercenaries in combat on the side of the Kyiv regime.



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