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Nymphomaniac?:Jailed former deputy minister Mukupe caught bedding a female prison officer

Harare- FORMER Deputy Minister of Finance, Terence Mukupe has again displayed his nymphomaniac disposition and was reportedly caught red handed having sexual intercourse with a prison officer,Express Mail Zim can report.

The former Wall Street banker is serving a three-year jail term for smuggling diesel and inside sources allege that his ‘sparring partner’ was one Janet Mutizwa, a prison officer at Harare Central Prison.

Zimbabwean law has no room for conjugal rights for inmates and this has resulted in corruption where prison officers are allegedly bribed to offer services to wealthy inmates.

“Mukupe’s issue is just a tip of the iceberg.

“Wealthy inmates always find their way to get what they need including sex and access to cellphones.

“Remember Kereke (Munyaradzi) fathered a kid in prison, even the late Gumbura.

“I am of the idea that the constitution must give room for conjugal rights for inmates, its a human right,” opined our inside source who preffered anonymity.

Mukupe’s insatiable sexual appetite is an open secret.

His first wife Dadirai Chidau (daughter to the late Oliver Chidhau) always had brushes with him for infidelity.

This reporter can authoratatively state that at one time Mukupe ‘gifted’ a female socialite Sarah Sinclair with a Lexus and she had an accident in Avondale and his wife discovered the shenanigans and all hell broke loose.
The matter was handled by now retired Inspector Chingoda who was the then officer in charge at Avondale police station.

He was also to clash with the late businessman Genious Kadungure over the same woman and its an open secret in the duo’s social circles.

The controversial banker and politician was to also clash with Prophet Shephered Bushiri over his girlfriend Rachel Jambaya whom he accused to be flirting with the equally controversial clergyman.

Controversy trails Mukupe like a shadow, in 2014 he pulled a fast one on Zanu Pf secretary for adminstration Obert Mpofu and was at the centre of the purported Allied Bank’s recapitalisation plans which he put into dissaray after a Mauritian investor pulled out of the deal at the eleventh hour due to irreconcilable differences with Mukupe who had misrepresented to Mpofu that USD30 million was to be injected.

Mukupe’s latest escapade however raises serious concerns as it violates the regulations outlined in the Prison Act, which strictly prohibits any form of engagement between officers and inmates.

According to the Act, any officer found guilty of such misconduct can face charges and severe consequences.

Express Mail Zim understands that Mutizwa has been transferred from Harare Central Prison to an undisclosed location while investigations into the matter continue.

“She will obviously be dragged to the disciplinary commitee after the board has sat,” said our inside source


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