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Harare Residents, Land Developer Face Off In Highlands

Harare’s Highlands residents are up in arms over the construction of high-rise flats along Montgomery Road which is allegedly being done without following city building by-laws.

The residents say they were not consulted over the development.

The residents have petitioned the City of Harare to intervene and stop the housing development at Number 9, Montgomery Road.

“The construction commenced without any notice having been given to residents in terms of section 26(3) of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12).

This is a gross irregularity that ought to be investigated as the Act requires adjacent neighbours to be notified before such a plan can be approved,” the petition read in part.

“The access point (entrance to the premises) has been put at a corner and this is a potential hazard to traffic.

“The access point is at the corner of Montgomery and Purbeck Close, and this issue has to be looked at as it poses a danger to road users. Moreover, the view plan shows that there ought to be two gates to the premises yet only one has been constructed.”

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They said the housing development violated building laws in relation to adjacent properties.

The perimeter walls are too close to the main and adjacent roads, and in violation of stipulated building by laws.

We also have reason to believe they have built their perimeter wall above a main water supply line,” the residents argued.



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