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A Six-Year-Old Girl In Norton Was Electrocuted

A horrible event happened in Katanga, Norton, when Cloe Kakurira, age six, was electrocuted. The small child died when she unintentionally stepped on live electrical wires next to a tuckshop.

Unfortunately, Workmore Katsande, Cloe’s uncle, was unable to help her before it was too late, and she died instantly.

Cloe’s grandma, Annah Mutandagayi, expressed deep sorrow and grief over her granddaughter’s passing. Looking back on the incident, she said she never thought it would result in something as awful as this, even if the day before there had been some indications of electric shock.

It was with great grief that Annah realised how dangerous the neighbor’s defective electrical wiring was, and how it finally took Cloe’s life.

The authorities ascertained that the catastrophic tragedy occurred because a nearby car wash and barbershop had an unauthorised electrical supply connected to them. In order to stop any more catastrophes, the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) stepped in after the incident and disconnected the hazardous and unauthorised connections.

A witness underlined how crucial it is to keep up the investigations in order to provide Cloe Kakurira and her family with justice. To guarantee that catastrophes like these don’t happen again, it is imperative that these instances be thoroughly examined.

Source | ZiMetro


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