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Woman Seeks Help Amidst Haunted Home

In a quiet corner of Bloomingdale, a sense of mystery lingers around Nyarai Chadoka’s home. The 60-year-old widow has found herself in the midst of what she describes as supernatural activities, turning her once peaceful abode into a center of intrigue and curiosity.

Chadoka, with a mix of concern and curiosity in her voice, shares her experiences of unexplained phenomena within her home. “I don’t know what’s happening, but there’s something powerful at play here,” she remarks, hinting at a realm beyond the ordinary.

Neighbors have started to take notice, with whispers of strange occurrences circulating through the community. From inexplicable sounds in the dead of night to objects moving on their own, Chadoka’s story has piqued the interest of those nearby.

Despite her bewilderment, Chadoka remains resilient, actively seeking assistance to unravel the mystery that has enveloped her home. “I’m still looking for someone who can help me understand and perhaps put an end to this,” she says, hopeful for a resolution to her supernatural predicament.

As the days pass, the curiosity surrounding Chadoka’s house only seems to grow, leaving many wondering about the secrets that lie within its walls and the possibility of a world beyond our comprehension.

“Strange things still happening daily. I have received some calls from different people saying they want to help me but no one has come through,” she told H-Metro.

“Someone told me that the house is the one which needs to be exorcised.”

Upon constructing her house around 2003, Nyarai Chadoka opted for standard bricks. She then relocated to her rural home around 2011, spending a span of two years immersed in that environment. However, upon her return, she was met with a startling revelation – everything had transformed in her absence.

“When I initially built my house, I used some common bricks and I then went kumusha around 2011 only to come back to see that everything had changed.

“I realised that the whole house was now built with face bricks.

“To my surprise, face bricks haasiwe plaster pamusoro but izvi zvakandikandisa mapfumo pasi and I am told that is where the problem started.

“A lot of things were planted at the house and these are the same things tormenting me.”

She added:

“So, I want someone who can help me with dealing with these things which were put at my house.

“I have no rest, every day scary things are still happening.”

Nyarai recounts a perplexing series of events where her funds seemingly vanish, her food goes missing overnight, windows get shattered, and walls bear mysterious scratches. Blankets are torn repeatedly, carpets suffer damage, and to add to the strangeness, she describes ghostly cars appearing at night, flashing their lights before vanishing into the darkness.

“We still put some salt pamadoor, nekuisa mugoti since takaudzwawo nevamwe to do so.

“It hasn’t helped much but zviri nani nekuti hope hadziuye,” she said.

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