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Mysterious ‘Smoke’ Emerges From Nearby Hill, Murewa Villagers

In a remote village near Musami business center in Murewa West constituency, an unexpected and mysterious event unfolded, leaving residents bewildered and searching for answers.

It all began with a loud bang that jolted Maurice Mbengo (55) from his sleep in the dead of night. Intrigued, Mbengo peered out of his kitchen hut’s small window, only to be met with darkness and confusion. The source of the explosion remained a mystery as darkness veiled the surroundings.

The incident occurred in Muchagoneyi and Chakavarika villages, located in ward 13, where villagers were left puzzled by the unusual occurrence on the nearby hill. Several brave individuals ventured up the hill to investigate further, discovering smoke emanating from a sizable crevice within the granite-dominated terrain. Quick to document the rare event, some villagers captured the scene on their phone cameras, preserving the mysterious moment.

“We were all shocked to see smoke rising from the hill. I later realised that the hill was the source of the loud bang,” narrated Mbengo.

During a recent visit by NewsDay to the area, the crater, a stark reminder of the enigmatic happening, remained untouched, leaving villagers in a state of shock and curiosity.

“The explosion left a huge crater and this is where the smoke was coming from. We are puzzled as to what happened, the smoke later cleared,” added Mbengo.

A local traditional healer weighed in on the situation, speculating that the event might have been caused by “angry ancestors,” possibly sending a chilling warning to the living. The appearance of smoke rising from the nearby hill only added to the sense of mystique surrounding the incident.

“A lot of immorality and evil has been the order of the day in this area. The ancestors could be angry. Some rituals have to be done to cleanse the whole area for peace to reign,” said the traditional healer who identified himself as Sekuru Kapurura.

As villagers grapple with the unanswered questions and lingering shock, the mysterious occurrence serves as a reminder of the inexplicable forces of nature and the enduring beliefs that shape perceptions in rural communities.

“I visited the area and there are cracks. The villagers are confused and scared,” Jaravaza said.

“I spoke to some of them and they revealed that strange things have been happening around the hill.

“There is fear everywhere.”

Source | ZiMetro


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