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Munesu Energy targets 200 EV charging stations

LOCAL e-mobility firm Munesu Energy will roll out 200 electric vehicle (EVs) charging stations across Zimbabwe starting in May as the company seeks to increase the uptake of the latest automobile technology.

In an interview with NewsDay Business, Munesu Energy executive Tanaka Kutama said the charging stations also come with technical and backup support in each town across Zimbabwe for hybrid and EVs.

“Zimbabwe set to have a charging network courtesy of Munesu Energy this will see EV owners and Hybrid owners having technical and back up support, making owning a Hybrid or EV easier. Each station will host a small workshop able to service and attend to the vehicles of the future,” Kutama said.

“The initiative will run between 2024 and 2026. During this period, 200 centres will be set up,” he said.

Plans are to have the bulk of these charging stations run on solar.

This comes as concerns have been raised regarding Zimbabwe’s power outages, which have resulted in prolonged periods of darkness throughout the nation.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority recently announced the increase in growth of hybrid vehicles entering the country. Earlier this month, the regulator launched a charging station in the Midlands province.

Meanwhile, Kutama announced the formation of The Green Energy and Emobility Association Zimbabwe, which is dedicated to promoting sustainable energy and eco-friendly transportation solutions in the region.

The association, he said, aims to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner, greener environment for future generations.

The association has launched a campaign to promote the use of solar and wind energy for residential and commercial purposes.



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