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Zimnat Credit Officer Arrested For Fraud Of US$83K

Zimnat Financial Services’ credit officer, Godfrey Huseni, found himself facing charges for allegedly fabricating documents on behalf of clients seeking loans from his employer, resulting in a loss of US$83,000 for the company.

Godfrey Huseni, 46, appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi and was given a $200 bail bond. For additional proceedings, his next court date is set for June 16.

Huseni’s duties included finding possible loan applicants, assessing their businesses, and proposing them for approval by the credit committee, according to Tawanda Mupoperi, the company’s national sales manager.

But between March and September 2023, it is claimed that Huseni made customer recommendations based on forged paperwork, which resulted in loans being given to people who weren’t qualified.

Prosecutor Mr. Rufaro Chonzi claimed that Huseni had recommended clients using false residential addresses and sureties.

One instance mentioned was on May 18, 2023, when Huseni allegedly used fictitious documents, such as a certificate of incorporation and evidence of domicile, to misrepresent Florence Mushaninga’s eligibility for a loan. As a result, Mushaninga was given a US$10,811 loan.

In a similar vein, Huseni is accused of falsifying Galtina Masuku’s loan eligibility on May 26, which led to the payment of US$8,824.

He is accused of fabricating paperwork for a Greendale home and a bottle shop on June 2 in order to approve a US$9,000 loan.

On June 30, Huseni allegedly used a forged certificate of incorporation and collateral—a house and a 2006 Land Rover Discovery that weren’t actually Betty Chidhonza’s—to falsely indicate Betty Chidhonza’s eligibility. The corporation was allegedly defrauded of US$83,270 as a result of these actions.

Source | ZiMetro


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