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Zimbabweans Duped Off R3 Million In South Africa Scheme!

R3 million has been stolen from roughly 300 Zimbabweans living in South Africa who engaged in ventures and enterprises that generated revenue through the Zimbabwe Migration Network Programme (ZMNP).

ZMNP is a profitable business owned by Zimbabweans that is registered in South Africa.

It works on ventures including e-commerce, a KFC franchise, and poultry, among others.

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Luke Dzviti founded the business, but it has come under fire for not paying some of its investors.

After pressure at his base in South Africa increased, Dzviti is thought to be in Zimbabwe.

A report was lodged at the Sandton Police Station by one of the victims.

Referred to by 286/2/2024, the case was submitted on February 11.

An 18-person committee of the Zimbabwe Immigration Federation (ZIF) has been formed by other members to look into and resolve the issue.

The group intends to hire solicitors to pursue the theft and money laundering claims in court.

The following is a statement from the new committee:

“The former chairman Luke Mufaro Dzviti failed to pay investors nearly a year ago, so the disgruntled members elected a new interim committee whose only task will be to recover the investments and any other properties that were lost as a result of Dzviti’s mistrust.

The newly formed committee will collaborate with all participants to create and aggregate case numbers from each investor.

“It will hire solicitors to prosecute the money laundering and theft cases in court with the assistance of the group’s legal advisor.”

Concerns were expressed, according to one of the ZMNP investors, when Dzviti neglected to provide them their overdue money.

Luke’s lack of response, muting WhatsApp groups, and his suspected whereabouts in Zimbabwe are concerning.

“We implore those who are close to him to support his return to South Africa so that he can face justice.”

Dzviti arrived in Zimbabwe on February 5, according to another investor, but he says he is in Zambia, Canada, or America.

The investor stated, “The project has about one thousand investors in total, and the contracts were signed on WhatsApp where you filled out a form.”

Dzviti said he was on vacation at H-Metro.

“I’m on vacation overseas and on leave. This time of year, I always take a leave of absence. I use my South African WhatsApp number to communicate with folks on a daily basis because it is not roaming.

“My leave finishes next week, so I’m returning to South Africa then. While some went for Christmas, handiti vanhu vese vanoenda ku left.

“ZIF has its finance folks, and I am not one of the signatories. The Johannesburg-based firm handles ZMNP’s money. I’m not good with money.

Members pay the company, not me directly from their bank accounts. All I am is the chairman. Most of these investments are still in their infancy.

He continued, saying:

“Anyone who claimed that funds were embezzled is merely engaging in witchcraft.” They are envious individuals that find fault with our achievements.

The finances of ZMNP are managed by accounting firms rather than committees.

“I designate a committee in accordance with the ZMNP constitution. They are not self-satisfied. Unless there have been changes to the current constitution that I am unaware of.

“As a result of the (Protection of Personal Information) POPIA Act, I am the only person who currently knows the names of investors.”

He replied as follows when asked if he knew about the police case:

“Since I am abroad, please ask the Sandton Police to provide me with more information by email or on WhatsApp.

“I’ll reply to them right away.

“It’s not theft if I take my time; if the police come, I’ll just say I’m not done.” There has never been an arrest made for tardiness or delay.

“If the SA government decides to shut down ZMNP, then everyone will lose.”



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