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Zimbabwean Social Media Drama: Evangelica Sandie’s Arrest Takes A Shocking Turn

Zimbabwean Social Media Drama: Evangelica Sandie’s Arrest Takes a Shocking Turn

In a startling twist to a recent social media scandal, Zimbabwean influencer Evangelica Sandie, known for her online presence as a “self-confessed thigh vendor,” made headlines again after a dramatic incident at Harare Central Police Station.

Sandie, whose real identity is Raviro Munodawafa, found herself in hot water after allegedly harassing her ex-lover, identified only as Sasha, on various online platforms.

The situation escalated when Sasha filed a police report for cyberbullying, leading to Sandie’s arrest by Constable Midzi of the Victim Friendly Unit at Harare Central Investigations.

However, the drama didn’t end there. As Sandie’s detention process unfolded at the police station, she stunned onlookers by stripping naked.

Witness accounts describe how she boldly removed her clothing and lay bare on the station floor, in full view of officers and bystanders alike.

This audacious act of public indecency landed Sandie in even deeper trouble. Alongside her cyberbullying charges, she now faces additional charges of public indecency.

Appearing before magistrate Dennis Mangosi over the weekend, Sandie was remanded in custody pending further legal proceedings.

The incident has sparked widespread debate online, with many expressing shock and disbelief at Sandie’s actions.

As the saga continues to unfold, all eyes are on the court as Sandie awaits further legal developments, including bail considerations scheduled for today.



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