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Zimbabwean Model Diana Mupeperi Lights Up New York Fashion Week

Zimbabwean model Diana Mupeperi, based in Canada, achieves her dream by gracing the runway at the prestigious 2024 New York Fashion Week. At 25 years old, she sees her participation in one of fashion’s grandest stages as the culmination of years of relentless dedication to representing her homeland.

Diana’s standout moment came when she closed the show, adorned in creations by Revived Clothing and Design. Reflecting on her achievement, she shared with H-Metro, “The most gratifying feeling is knowing that young girls back home in Zimbabwe see one of their own making waves on the international stage. I’m honored and it proves that, with determination, young African girls can thrive globally. We don’t have to confine our dreams within our borders.”

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As a founding partner of 6ixElement, Diana pledges to utilize her influence to pave the way for aspiring Zimbabwean girls. “Being the show-stopper for REVIVED Clothing and Design at NYFW 2024 was a career highlight, and being entrusted to close the show was an indescribable feeling,” she expressed. “I want young girls in Zimbabwe and across Africa to realize that the runway is theirs too, and soon I’ll be launching my online mentorship program to assist young models.”

Despite achieving success in a fiercely competitive industry, Diana remains grounded, never losing sight of her roots and her desire to inspire both young girls and boys in Zimbabwe and Africa through her journey.

Diana’s pride soared when she featured in the April 2022 issue of Vogue magazine, captured by renowned photographer Antony Gordon. This exposure catapulted her onto the international stage before she graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities.



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