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Zimbabwe Council Of Copyrights Champions Musicians’ Financial Security And Rights

In a commendable effort to support upcoming musicians and ensure their financial stability beyond live performances, the Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights (ZICCO) is taking significant strides.

Recognizing the challenges faced by musicians, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, ZICCO has introduced life-sustaining projects as alternative income sources. This initiative aims to alleviate the heavy reliance on live shows, which proved to be a significant setback for musicians.

Through proactive measures and collaborations, ZICCO is empowering its members to diversify their income and protect their intellectual property.

The Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights urges musicians to engage in life-sustaining projects, with poultry farming being a prominent example. By encouraging musicians to embark on such ventures, ZICCO aims to enable them to diversify their income sources.

This diversification provides a stable financial foundation, allowing musicians to sustain their livelihoods even in the absence of live shows. Tafadzwa Masembura, CEO of ZICCO, emphasized the significance of these projects in ensuring long-term financial stability for musicians who often face poverty due to limited performance opportunities.

ZICCO’s commitment to its members is evident through the proactive measures it has taken. Currently, the council boasts around 1,000 members who are benefiting from this initiative. To kickstart their projects, approximately 150 members were recently awarded funds by the council.

This financial support acts as a catalyst for musicians to establish sustainable income streams and pursue their artistic endeavors with greater confidence.

In addition to empowering musicians economically, the Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights actively collaborates with law enforcement agencies to combat piracy. The council recognizes the importance of safeguarding the intellectual property of musicians and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work.

By reducing piracy rates and advocating for adherence to copyright laws, ZICCO aims to create a conducive environment for artists to thrive. This commitment reflects the council’s dedication to fostering a sustainable music industry that benefits both musicians and consumers.

ZICCO extends its efforts beyond financial empowerment and piracy prevention. The council conducts awareness campaigns to educate musicians and the public about the dangers of drug abuse, recognizing its prevalence among upcoming musicians who are part of their membership.

By addressing this issue, ZICCO strives to create a healthier and more supportive environment for its members.

To adapt to the changing landscape of the music industry, the Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights embraces technology. Intensive online marketing is promoted as an effective tool for musicians to reach wider audiences and promote their music.

By leveraging digital platforms, ZICCO encourages its members to explore alternative avenues for marketing and distribution, reducing their reliance on traditional methods like CD sales.



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