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ZBC suspends presenter at the centre of Robson Mhandu’s alleged sexual harrasment saga over ‘tasteless’ statements on Lobengula

Harare- THE Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has suspended two television presenters Farai Juliet Magada and Victoria Manase over unsavoury and tasteless remarks wherein the duo insinuated that there was nothing unjust about colonialism,Express Mail Zim can report.

One of them Magada is the broadcaster who recently hogged the limelight after accusing her boss Robson Mhandu for brazenly demanding sex in order for him to approve a transfer request from Bulawayo to Harare.

In one of the greatest boob by a local television presenter on air after Noreen Welch and Tsitsi Vera , the duo made an insinuation that Ndebele King Lobengula Khumalo sold the country for sugar to Britain.

Apparently, the late Tsitsi Vera and Noreen Welch lost their composure when they read a story about a woman who gave birth in the bathroom of a train.
The script told of how the new-born fell through the toilet onto the track but survived.

The two laughed uncontrollably on air uware that the camera had switched back to them after the upsound.

The sentiments were received with great contempt by the majority of social media users when the video went viral.

The programme was a discussion which had its main thrust on the end of the apartheid era in South Africa which saw the inaguration of the late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela on May 10 1994.

Meanwhile, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jenfan Muswère is expected to appoint a new board at the national broadcaster after the Gweru based Josaya Tai-led board ‘s term expired on December 31 contrary to reports by some sections of the media that it was dissolved.

“Our term of office expired on January 31 2023 and how can a non-existent board be dissolved?
“Its nonsense!,” said an outgoing board member who spoke to Express Mail Zim on condition of anonymity.

ZBC has been trailed by controversy involving sex scandals, corruption and non payment of salaries.-Express Mail Zim


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