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ZANU PF Celebrates As Police Arrest Whistleblower Who Exposed ZANU Company Adela Spreading Cholera Water Onto Roads

Whistleblower Detained After Exposing Health Hazards by Adela Contracting Amid Cholera Concerns**

In a startling development, the whistleblower who exposed Adela Contracting’s use of potentially contaminated water from shallow streams for road construction has been arrested. This arrest has sparked significant public outcry, especially as it follows the company’s own admission of these practices during a period of heightened cholera risk.

This is criminal in itself and shame on @ZANUPF_Official @nickmangwana @marapira_farai for celebrating the arrest of a whistleblower who’s assisted the public know this potential Cholera hazard which the company admits is behind.

— Simba Chikanza (@schikanza) January 18, 2024

Adela Contracting, linked with ZANU PF, acknowledged in a statement dated January 16, 2024, that they have indeed been extracting water from shallow streams in the Kambanji area, Greystone Park. Notably, this water was used in the construction and maintenance of road networks – a practice that poses a severe health hazard, particularly in the context of the ongoing cholera concerns in the region.

The video, shared widely across social media platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook, and further disseminated by news outlets such as Zimeye and Doc Dave, had initially brought these alarming practices to light. It showed Adela Contracting’s operations in the area, sparking widespread concern about the potential spread of waterborne diseases like cholera.

The company, while denying the distribution of this water for consumption or profit, did confirm its use in road construction projects. This revelation has raised serious questions about public health and safety, given the cholera risks associated with contaminated water sources.

The identity of the whistleblower remains undisclosed, and the rationale behind her arrest is being questioned by many. This action has led to a broader discussion on the freedom to report health hazards and the accountability of corporations in times of public health crises.

This incident has not only highlighted the potential health risks posed by the practices of Adela Contracting but also the challenges faced by individuals in exposing such dangers. The case continues to develop, with many awaiting further information on the legal standing of the whistleblower’s arrest and the measures being taken to address the public health concerns raised.-ZimEye


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