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ZACC Arrests Trio For Fraud And Money Laundering

ZACC Arrests Trio for Fraud and Money Laundering

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has taken swift action, arresting Chamunorwa Gombe, Munyaradzi Oshipeya, and Silas Chimbiro on charges related to fraud and money laundering. The trio is accused of engaging in fraudulent activities within the ARDA Joint Venture Programme.

According to ZACC officials, Gombe, Oshipeya, and Chimbiro allegedly obtained farming inputs from ARDA under false pretenses. They reportedly misrepresented to ARDA that they possessed irrigated land in Hurungwe and Karoi, leading to the wrongful acquisition of fertilizers, seeds, and chemicals from the program.

Subsequent investigations revealed that instead of utilizing the acquired inputs for agricultural purposes as intended, the accused individuals sold off the supplies for personal gain. This act not only constitutes fraud but also undermines the objectives of the ARDA Joint Venture Programme, which aims to support legitimate agricultural activities.

Chamunorwa Gombe faces additional charges of money laundering. Authorities allege that he used the illicit proceeds obtained from the fraudulent scheme to acquire assets, constituting the offense of money laundering under Zimbabwean law.

The three suspects are scheduled to appear at the Karoi Magistrate Court today for their initial remand hearing. The swift response from law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies underscores the commitment to combatting fraudulent practices and preserving the integrity of agricultural development initiatives in the country.



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