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Women, Children Suffer As Government Enforces Brutal Evictions

In a resolute stance against the Government of Zimbabwe’s heavy-handed tactics, Women in Governance and Peace building (WIGP) has fiercely condemned the arbitrary arrests and forced land evictions ravaging Masvingo Province,in especially affecting women and children.

The organization stands firm in denouncing these egregious actions, highlighting the profound humanitarian crisis they’ve spurred.

The recent wave of forced land evictions and house demolitions orchestrated by the Zimbabwean government in Masvingo Province has inflicted irreparable harm on countless women and children within the affected communities.

These heart-wrenching events represent a blatant violation of fundamental human rights and a glaring display of the government’s callous disregard for the welfare of its own people.

The fallout from these coercive measures has left numerous women and children homeless, stripped of their possessions, and deprived of their means of subsistence. Such wanton disregard for the basic dignities of life starkly underscores the government’s failure to uphold its obligations to its citizens.

Women in Governance and Peacebuilding urgently calls upon the Government of Zimbabwe to halt all forced evictions immediately and to extend comprehensive support and compensation to those grievously impacted.

Moreover, the organization implores the authorities to initiate meaningful dialogue with the affected communities, seeking amicable and sustainable resolutions to the land disputes.

In solidarity with the suffering women and children of Masvingo Province, Women in Governance and Peacebuilding issues a clarion call to the international community, urging collective condemnation of these barbaric actions.

It is imperative that we unite efforts to safeguard the rights and well-being of all individuals, particularly those most vulnerable in society.Justice and accountability must prevail.

Women in Governance and Peacebuilding demands swift redress for the victims of forced evictions and demolitions in Masvingo Province.

The egregious violations perpetrated against innocent civilians cannot go unpunished, and it is incumbent upon all stakeholders to ensure that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.



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