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Woman Jailed For Setting Husband On Fire After Accusations Of Affair

A 35-year-old woman, Cecilia Chitambo, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for setting her husband, Fungai Nyazana, on fire during a dispute sparked by allegations of infidelity. The incident took place on January 1, 2024, following a confrontation between the couple at their matrimonial home in Zimbabwe.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ), the altercation erupted when Nyazana confronted Chitambo, suspecting her of having an extramarital affair. The situation escalated after Chitambo’s ex-husband paid her a visit at their home, leading to a heated argument between the couple.

In a statement released by the NPAZ on [date], it was revealed that Chitambo left their marital residence and sought refuge at her parent’s house after the disagreement turned volatile. However, upon her return to the matrimonial home later that day, the situation took a drastic turn.

During the confrontation, Chitambo resorted to extreme measures by setting Nyazana on fire, causing severe injuries. Emergency services were immediately contacted, and Nyazana was rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention. He sustained significant burns as a result of the incident.

“She returned home the next day and they had another disagreement over money wherein the accused person disappeared for a while before returning home with a container filled with petrol,” said the NPAZ.

According to Chronicle, Chitambo allegedly poured petrol on Nyazana before igniting the fire that caused his injuries. In a desperate attempt to stop the flames and prevent further burns, Nyazana reportedly rushed to the kitchen and doused himself with a bucket of water.

“Nyazana went to the hospital for treatment and the accused person was subsequently arrested. The accused person was convicted and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment of which six months was suspended for five years. She will serve 12 months effective”, said the NPAZ.



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