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Witness Alleges Complainant’s Legal Maneuvers Aimed At Personal Attack

A witness testified in court, asserting his belief that the complainant was launching an attack against him through the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) for disclosing the truth about their dealings.

Kirk West, the witness, conveyed his belief that James Landon, the complainant, was seeking retribution for revealing the details of their transaction involving a motor vehicle. West stated that he had lost two cars to Zacc’s actions, claiming that their documentation was deemed inadequate.

He further accused Landon of misusing the legal system arbitrarily.

According to West, both Nyandoro and Landon agreed that the vehicle was available for purchase during their discussions. He emphasized Nyandoro’s honesty throughout the negotiations and after the deal was finalized.

West recounted a meeting with Landon after purchasing the car, during which Landon offered to refund his money or allow him to keep the vehicle. West expressed surprise when Landon subsequently involved the police, accusing him of theft without prior notice.

West informed the court that no theft report was filed during two meetings with Landon and Nyandoro following the vehicle purchase. Nyandoro’s attorney, Admire Rubaya, challenged Landon during cross-examination, questioning his motives for attempting an out-of-court settlement moments before the trial began.

Rubaya also contested Landon’s claim regarding the vehicle handover location, accusing him of manipulating the criminal justice system by reporting trust property theft against Nyandoro.

Landon alleged that Nyandoro was entrusted with the Toyota Landcruiser AET 3438 and was supposed to return it after a certain period. However, Nyandoro denied these allegations, stating that there was no formal trust agreement and that he received the vehicle as payment for services rendered during Landon’s dispute with another businessman, Adam Woodington, which led to Landon’s arrest.

Source | ZiMetro


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