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Wicknell Chivayo’s Generosity Shines: Presents Alick Macheso With $140K Mercedes-Benz Gift

Renowned entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo has extended a lavish gesture to sungura maestro Alick Macheso by gifting him a top-of-the-line 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE400d Premium Plus, valued at an impressive USD$140,000.

Announcing the surprise on social media, Chivayo conveyed his congratulations to Macheso and directed him to connect with Victor from Exquisite Dealership to take possession of the luxurious vehicle.

In his heartfelt message, Chivayo expressed sincere appreciation for Macheso’s profound impact on the music industry and entertainment scene, particularly highlighting his memorable performances at Zanu PF rallies throughout the years.


“HALLO FRIDAY…Congratulations to the man himself ALECK MACHESO ALE ALE ALE and the orchestra mberikwazvo… Please go to EXQUISITE DEALERSHIP and see Victor your new and beautiful 2022 MERCEDES BENZ GLE400d (PREMIUM PLUS) is ready for collection…Thank you for your immense contribution in the music industry and the entertainment at our Zanu PF rallies throughout the years. Your efforts entertaining us supporters at our star rallies is most appreciated…Ndimi makambo imba kare paye mukati UNE MOYO UNE RUDO NE VAMWE USADZOKE SHURE and this is exactly what I’m doing HANDI DZOKERE SHURE…Mukati pane vachaku svibisa moyo rega vakadaro ita chete zvawaka pirwa NASHE…Ipapo ndaka pabata zvakare I will continue to spread the love by supporting the party of my choice ZANU PF , support my family the best i can and continue to do GOD’S WORK at my church…I won’t listen to any dogs barking iyo NZOU haicheuke kana imbwa dzika hukura…Enjoy your amazing GERMAN masterpiece built by Damler Chrysler and may God bless you always… ZANU PF
CHIORORO…ED HUCHI…Edworks…???????????????? Edelivers…2030 anenge aripo…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,” he posted.



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