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Wicknell Chivayo Rewards Woman with Brand New Aqua For Making Obscene Dancing Gestures

Controversial Zanu PF businessman Wicknell Chivayo has once again made headlines, this time for rewarding a Zanu PF activist with a brand new Aqua after showcasing her dancing skills by vigorously shaking her backside.

This incident has sparked a wave of reactions, shedding light on Chivayo’s recurrent pattern of gifting vehicles to Zanu PF sympathizers, musicians, and celebrities.

The incident unfolded at a Zanu PF event where the woman captivated the audience with her energetic dance moves, particularly her hip-swiveling performance. The footage quickly circulated on social media, drawing both admiration and criticism.

In response to the viral video, Chivayo took to social media to announce his decision to reward the enthusiastic dancer. In his statement, he expressed his admiration for her skills and pledged to gift her a brand new Aqua, along with $2000 for the down payment and driving lessons.

“DJ MASOMERE please enda na Amai ava pana Madzibaba Chipaga vapihwe AQUA yavo ne 2000 USD today…Drivers license kana vasina she can start lessons today and collect her car in two weeks. Zvinhu zve ZANU PF mufaro wega wega, pakangonzi Mr Aquaman vari pano pakatambwa zvinoshamisa,” Chivayo remarked.

This gesture by Chivayo has reignited the debate surrounding the intersection of politics, entertainment, and business in Zimbabwe. While some applaud his generosity and support for Zanu PF activists, others criticize it as a blatant display of patronage and political favoritism.

Chivayo’s history of lavish gifts to individuals affiliated with Zanu PF has raised eyebrows in the past, with critics accusing him of using his wealth to curry favor with the ruling party. However, his supporters argue that his philanthropic endeavors should be commended, regardless of the recipients’ political affiliations.

The controversial businessman, often referred to as “Mr. Aquaman” due to his penchant for gifting Aqua vehicles, remains unfazed by the criticism. He continues to wield his influence and wealth in ways that spark both admiration and controversy.

In a country grappling with economic challenges and political tensions, Chivayo’s actions serve as a reminder of the complex dynamics at play. While some view his gestures as acts of benevolence, others see them as symptomatic of a deeper issue of political patronage and inequality.

As discussions surrounding Chivayo’s latest gift unfold, one thing remains clear: his actions will continue to provoke debate and scrutiny in Zimbabwean society, highlighting the intricate relationship between wealth, power, and politics.

Drivers license kana vasina she can start lessons today and collect her car in two weeks. Zvinhu zve ZANU PF mufaro wega wega , pakangonzi Mr Aquaman vari pano pakatambwa zvinoshamisa



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