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Watch: Tafadzwa Chidawa Exposes Woman’s Pregnancy Fraud Attempt To Extort Boyfriend

Renowned street detective Tafadzwa Chidawa has uncovered an elaborate scheme by a Harare woman who purportedly attempted to defraud her ex-lover of US$2300 through a fabricated pregnancy and childbirth.

In a video circulating online, Chidawa is seen apprehending the woman’s taxi driver accomplice.

According to Chidawa’s investigation, the woman informed her ex-lover that she was on the brink of giving birth at a specified hospital in Harare. She proceeded to send him pictures of herself lying in a hospital bed, claiming that the doctors demanded a payment of at least $2300.

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Further details revealed that the woman later sent her ex-lover a photo of a baby, falsely claiming it was hers and insisting that the doctors required the specified amount for medical bills. Allegedly, she resorted to making threatening calls to her ex-lover’s workplace, invoking the names of high-ranking individuals.

Chidawa recounted that the ex-lover entrusted him with the task of locating the woman and verifying the authenticity of her pregnancy. Subsequently, Chidawa and his team posed as relatives of the ex-lover to ascertain the truth, culminating in the arrest of the woman and her accomplice, the estranged taxi driver.

The expose sheds light on the extent individuals may go to perpetrate fraud, underscoring the importance of vigilance and thorough investigation in uncovering such deceptive practices.



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