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Vehicle Rebate Haunts Civil Servants

CIVIL servants are under probe for allegedly abusing the vehicle rebate system as it emerged that some government employees were importing cars duty free on behalf of other people for a fee.

Statutory Instrument (SI) 154 of 2001 (Customs and Excise General Regulations) as read with SI 124 of 2022, promulgated in July 2022 provides for a rebate of duty on motor vehicles imported or taken out of bond by civil servants and members of independent commissions

A government employee must possess a valid driver’s licence and must have served for not less than 10 years. Only one vehicle can be imported every five years and its value depends on the employee’s grade.

NewsDay heard this week that the rebate system is being abused, necessitating the probe by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra).

According to Zacc deputy chairperson Kuziwa Murapa, by October last year, 19 000 civil servants were being investigated for corruption involving the abuseof the import duty on vehicles.

The civil servants are importing vehicles for other people and charging a fee of between US$700 and US$1 500 depending on the type of vehicle.

The vehicle, however, will be registered in the name of the civil servant involved while being driven by the other person.

Government extended the waiver for civil servants to import vehicles duty free. There are fears, however, that imported cars are ending up at car dealers.



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