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Unrepentant Fraudster EX-Convict ‘Henrieta Rushwaya’ Uses President’s Name To Swindle $1 Million From Indian Investors!

Harare | Controversial entrepreneur and Zimbabwe Mining Federation president Henrieta Rushwaya has come under scrutiny amid allegations that she defrauded Indian investors of USD 1 million in a failed mining venture.

According to the investigation, Rushwaya, who has a history of legal issues, misrepresented herself to NV Group, an Indian conglomerate now represented by Colonel S S Sidhu in Zimbabwe. Rushwaya’s associate, Ashif Adil, purportedly approached NV Group, claiming to represent President Emmerson Mnangagwa in foreign investments.

Sidhu disclosed, “Our chairperson expressed his desire to meet the President and do business in Zimbabwe, and he connected Rushwaya on the phone, who then claimed that she is speaking on behalf of the President.” However, Rushwaya’s visa to India was rejected due to her past indiscretions, prompting her to meet with NV Group in Dubai.

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Investigations revealed that Rushwaya misled investors by suggesting she was President Mnangagwa’s niece. Although she is related to Mnangagwa, she lacks the authority to seek mining investments or deceive investors.

When pressed for payment, Rushwaya allegedly threatened Colonel Sidhu, insisting the deal would collapse unless he paid nearly half a million dollars.

Messages extracted from a leaked WhatsApp thread showed Rushwaya pressing for payment and referencing President Mnangagwa’s involvement. Sidhu confirmed reporting the matter to the Zimbabwe Republic Police, who have initiated investigations.

Rushwaya allegedly received USD 1 million from the investors, with most of the funds transferred in Dubai. She then led the investors to various locations, including a defunct mine in Mufuruzi game park and areas in Filabusi, Shangani, and Bindura, where no gold was found.

Rushwaya, who has been evasive, could not be reached for comment. This incident could strain relations between Zimbabwe and India, contradicting the Second Republic’s efforts to strengthen foreign alliances.

Rushwaya’s involvement in the controversial documentary “Gold Mafia” by Al Jazeera and her past conviction for attempting to smuggle 6kg of gold have further fueled concerns about her activities.



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