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Two Suspected Poachers Killed In Shootout With Rangers Near Kazungula Border Post

Two suspected poachers met their end in a shootout with parks rangers near the Kazungula Border Post in Katombola, Matabeleland North province. The incident, which took place on Tuesday, resulted in the deaths of the two suspects while three others were arrested.

Tinashe Farawo, the spokesperson for Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks), confirmed the fatal encounter. According to Farawo, the confrontation occurred during a routine patrol carried out by Zimparks rangers in Katombola North Matabeleland province.

“We can confirm that there was an unfortunate incident in Katombola North Matabeleland province where two suspected poachers were gunned down after the exchange of gunfire with our rangers who were on patrol,” stated Farawo.

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The exact details of the shootout, including what prompted the exchange of gunfire and the identities of the suspects, have not been fully disclosed as investigations are ongoing.

Poaching remains a significant issue in Zimbabwe, particularly in regions near wildlife reserves and border posts where illegal wildlife trade is prevalent. Authorities have been actively engaged in efforts to combat poaching and protect endangered species, often employing armed patrols and stringent measures to curb these illegal activities.

The deaths of the two suspected poachers serve as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with illegal wildlife activities and the risks faced by both wildlife and law enforcement personnel in the ongoing battle against poaching.

“We have managed to arrest three suspects and one suspect managed to escape.

“We have recovered about 15 tusks of elephants.

“We have also recovered a point 375 rifle and five rounds of ammunition.

“Investigations are currently in progress, we are saying no to poaching and if you are found within protected areas with a rifle, you will be arrested,” Farawo said.



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