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Two Friends Murdered With An Axe On The Same Day In Chinhoyi

Peter Thomas (20) found himself in court, facing two counts of murder after a tragic incident in Chinhoyi last year claimed the lives of two friends after attacked them with an axe on the same day at a farm.

According to court proceedings, in September last year at River Range Village, Chinhoyi, Joshua Kadungure visited Peter at his residence to retrieve a shovel he had borrowed. However, Peter denied borrowing the shovel, sparking an argument and ensuing physical altercation between the two.

Unable to handle the situation alone, Peter called for assistance from his father, Jealous Thomas, who emerged from a hut wielding an axe and joined the fight. Peter used the axe to strike Joshua three times on the head, resulting in his death.

During the altercation, Joshua’s friend, only known as Nyanguwo, arrived at the scene and was also attacked by Peter using the same axe. Nyanguwo sustained fatal injuries to the head and succumbed to the assault.

Peter Thomas is scheduled to appear in court again on April 9th for further proceedings.

In another story, Four Men Kills Suspected Thief Over Missing Cellphone In Fort Rixon Village.A suspected thief from Fort Rixon Village met a gruesome end when he was reportedly axed to death by four men following an argument over a missing mobile phone at a local beerhall.

According to reports, the altercation between the quartet and the deceased escalated when they accused him of stealing the cellphone. It’s alleged that the four men wielded an axe during the confrontation, striking the suspected thief on the head and resulting in his immediate death.

After the incident, the perpetrators purportedly disposed of the body in a nearby bush in Fort Rixon Village…read in full



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