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Two Female Police Officer Arrested For Corruption

Two female police officers Victoria Shonhiwa and Naume Dube stationed at Mbare Police Station found themselves on the wrong side of the law after being accused of running an illicit money-making scheme at the station’s entrance, allegedly extorting cash from motorists. The officers in question, Victoria Shonhiwa and Naume Dube, were apprehended following an investigation prompted by public tip-offs regarding their suspicious activities.

Appearing before regional magistrate Stanford Mambanje, Shonhiwa and Dube faced charges related to their alleged misconduct. They were not required to enter a plea at the time of their court appearance.

According to the allegations presented in court, the Police General Headquarters Internal Investigations team responded to reports of corruption at ZRP Mbare on March 11. Acting on the tip-off, the investigative team conducted surveillance around the main gate of the police station.

During their observation, the investigators reportedly witnessed several instances where motorists handed over money to Shonhiwa and Dube before being allowed to proceed. Subsequently, the team intervened and confronted the accused officers, instructing them to undergo a search in the guard room.

However, Shonhiwa and Dube resisted the search, with Dube reportedly becoming violent. The investigating officers managed to overpower her, leading to the recovery of US$120 from Dube’s possession.

The incident underscores the serious allegations of corruption within law enforcement agencies, highlighting the importance of thorough investigations and swift action to address such misconduct.



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