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Traditional Leader Bans Prayer Mountain Gatherings

In Nyanga, Chief Saunyama, formerly Mr. Solomon Mapuranga, has issued a decree outlawing certain practices deemed contrary to local traditions and customs.

Installed by President Mnangagwa on November 2, 2023, Chief Saunyama aims to uphold the cultural heritage of the region, succeeding Mr. Victor Dahwa Saunyama, who served as acting chief for 13 years.

Under Chief Saunyama’s leadership, gatherings for the sale of wild fruits, such as mazhanje (sugar plum), praying in mountains, and wearing red clothing during the rainy season, are strictly prohibited.

These directives extend to the jurisdictions of Headmen Mushonga, Sanyamaropa, Madongonda, Ganje, Nyamutowa, Tsvito, and Nyamahumba.

Chief Saunyama emphasized the importance of respecting traditional norms and values to maintain harmony within the community.

The ban on the sale of wild fruits aims to preserve resources for both human and animal consumption, with penalties including the forfeiture of maize to be distributed to local wildlife.

Similarly, prayers conducted in mountainous areas are forbidden to safeguard sacred sites, some of which serve as burial grounds for traditional leaders and are integral to cultural rituals.

Additionally, the prohibition of wearing red attire during the rainy season is based on beliefs that such actions may provoke adverse weather conditions.

Headman Madongonda reiterated the significance of honoring local customs, underscoring the need for adherence to established norms despite individual rights.

Chief Saunyama’s measures seek to foster a deeper connection to cultural heritage while promoting environmental conservation and community cohesion.



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