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The SDC Coup That Never Was: Chenjerayi Komboya’s Power Grab Exposed?

Bindura- THE saga at Chiwaridzo Primary School in Bindura takes a surprising twist as the accusations of corruption shift focus. While headmaster Edson Chuwe stands accused by the School Development Committee (SDC) of financial impropriety, evidence suggests the SDC Chairman, Chenjerayi Komboya, may be playing a different game – one fueled by personal gain and a hunger for power.

Komboya who is employed by ZRP and stationed at Bindura Headquarters, wielding his authority as SDC Chairman, painted a picture of a school ravaged by Chuwe’s alleged misdeeds.

Missing asset registers, inflated invoices, and unilateral decision-making painted a damning picture. However, whispers began to surface, hinting at another narrative.

Sources, requesting anonymity, revealed a web of alleged self-dealing woven by Komboya himself. Invoices from his business suspiciously found their way onto the school’s books, raising questions of bias and impartiality.

It is alleged that sometime in September 2023 when the school was looking for a contractor for the installation of solar lights they solicited quotations. The copper cum SDC chairman also submitted his quotation under a trading name. Three quotations were drawn from the lot.

For the article, we will call them Company A, B and C. However company A and B’s quotations had similar ligatures indicating they were written by the same person. Our source further alleged, ” ndiye (Komboya) akatouya nema kotesheni ese, two acho anga akatonyorwa ne handwriting yake.”

Procurement procedures were allegedly flouted, with Komboya’s company ‘securing’ contracts despite being rejected during the tender process. Paperwork, according to the source, confirms these troubling claims.

Our source continues, “vekuchikoro vakazoshamisika kumuwona awuya na secretary wake weku SDC ikoko vakutoyisa ma rayitsi nyangwe vanga vanyimwa basa.”

The two Komboya and his Secretary General Fanuel Mabhugu bulldozed onto the school premises and started installing the said lights without anyone’s authority. As per the SI 87 of 1992, SDA / SDC members are not allowed to do business with the institution they represent.

This alleged abuse of power wouldn’t be Komboya’s first rodeo. His “power-grabbing notoriety” precedes him, evidenced by his failed leadership at a local Mwazha church, which reportedly crumbled under his watch after usurping power and destabilising the assembly. These patterns paint a concerning picture of someone more interested in personal gain and control than the well-being of the school or its students.

Mr Komboya has also tried without success to push his vice chairperson out of their position to replace them with someone more ‘agreeable’ to his agenda. At the same time, he made efforts to be part of the learner’s enrollment at the school. An ired parent also commenting anonymously said, “munhu wacho anongoda kukumba zvigaro zvese apa asingagone basa rachena, akasvika kuparadza chechi aganhira chigaro iyezvino kuchikoro woda kutora zvigaro zvese.”

Efforts to reach Mr Komboya for comment were not fruitful as his mobile phone went unanswered. Whilst the school head also could not not shed any light on the subject saying he is not able to comment on any issue that is yet to be resolved by appropriate authorities.

While Chuwe awaits ZACC’s investigation, questions linger about the SDC’s true motives. They are opting for the last date of their term’s window for an AGM which will, bypass proper channels, and add fuel to the fire of suspicion. Is this a genuine attempt to address grievances or a smokescreen to deflect from their alleged wrongdoings?

Transparency and accountability are paramount in any institution, especially one entrusted with the education of children. The emerging evidence against Komboya demands a thorough investigation.

Only then can the children of Chiwaridzo Primary School receive the education they deserve, free from the shadow of alleged corruption and power struggles. The community deserves to know – was the SDC coup a genuine call for accountability, or a self-serving power grab disguised as righteous indignation? The truth is waiting to be unearthed.

Komboya said he would respond after consulting with the headmaster but did not make justice to his promise at the time of writing.

Source ZimLive


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