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The “fall of Uebert Angel” prophesied?

Social media streets have been ablaze after Aljazeera released part one of four investigative films which revealed how African gold is smuggled implicating Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ambassador at large Uebert Angel.

This came after a local preacher prophet Solomon Gwashu hinted last year in October on his social media that there is going to be an expose on alleged man of God on his 2023 prophecies.

“The Lord will exposse those that have been peddling and robbing innocent souls using the name of the Lord” read part of the prophecy.

In a video also he posted few weeks ago, titled ‘fake prophet’ the clergyman also gave a prophecy in riddles talking about a man who has been deceiving people from the president going down.

The video can be found here:

If his prophecies are something to go by the exposé and fall of The Good News Church prophet Uebert Angel was prophesied and this is not the end of it.

In the Aljazeera documentary the ambassador at large was facilitating illicit gold deals and charging vast amounts of money for people to see the President.


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