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Tendai Biti Undressed In Mabvuku

By A Political Reporter- The Tshabangu Citizens Coalition for Change deputy president, Tendai Biti, was humiliated Sunday at a funeral in Mabvuku.

The politician, who arrived unannounced to attend a funeral, was met with a barrage of insults and public humiliation.
Eyewitnesses report that as soon as Biti made his appearance, he was greeted with loud screams and derogatory remarks, with some attendees yelling, “You are a traitor Biti- Uri mutengesi iwe Biti!” The incident rapidly escalated as Biti was chased away from the event, amidst the chaos that could very well spell a significant blow to his political career.

The backlash comes in the wake of allegations that Biti sought military assistance, specifically from the feared FAZ terror group, to undermine the leadership of Nelson Chamisa, the nation’s most popular leader. This controversial move has sparked outrage among supporters and critics alike, questioning Biti’s loyalty and intentions within the political landscape of Zimbabwe.
The incident in Mabvuku raises concerns about Biti’s legitimacy as Deputy President of his Tshabangu CCC makeshift.
This is a developing story. We are closely following the events as they unfold and will provide updates with more information and reactions from the Tshabangu CCC party, political analysts, and other stakeholders. The implications of today’s events on Tendai Biti’s political future and the broader dynamics within Zimbabwe’s opposition movements remain to be seen.
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