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Teenager Rapes Goats To Death

SIX goats have been killed in Domboshava in a bestiality shame storm involving a 16-year-old boy of Chakuronda Village, Ward 3.

The boy, whose name cannot be published, has been dragged before Chief Chinamhora’s traditional court. The court found him guilty and ruled that he should pay for his deeds without burdening his poor old grandparents.

Chief Chinamhora ordered the boy, who is now employed, to pay three goats to the complainant as it was an offence to subject animals to sexual attacks.

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Allegations are that, sometime last year, Chipo Kasote of Chakuronda Village, found the accused conducting a sexual attack on one of her goats. The teen fled from the scene and Kasote took his clothes as evidence.

Six of her seven goats, claimed Kasote, had died from the attacks. It was proved that the boy, who is a Form Two school dropout, was now employed as a herd-boy in a neighbouring village.

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