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Teachers’ College Students Disrupt Athletics Tournament

Disruptive behavior from student teachers at the formerly renowned “Gango” College of Excellence caused chaos during the ZITCOSA athletics competition held at Victoria High.

The event came to a halt temporarily when students stormed the track, chanting loudly.

The disturbance was instigated by a Masvingo Teachers’ College athlete who falsely claimed second place in the 10km race.

Law enforcement officers intervened, but the conduct of these aspiring educators fell short of expectations, especially considering their role as hosts.

Numerous educators from different institutions criticized Masvingo for their unsportsmanlike behavior.”They should be disqualified for this unacceptable conduct,” remarked one lecturer.

“There must be a standard of decency upheld at the college.”The annual tournament, which gathers teachers’ colleges from across Zimbabwe, was marred by this regrettable incident.



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