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Suicide Dismissed In Passing Of Killer T’s Benefactor

The family of renowned Chitungwiza businessman Robert Muchineripi Madzamba, also known as Coldaz, has put an end to speculations surrounding his death by confirming that he passed away due to heart failure.

Coldaz, known for his instrumental role in aiding dancehall musician Killer T’s rise to fame, operated a nightclub at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in St. Mary’s. He was discovered deceased in bed the day after visiting his mother in Kuwadzana Extension.

Various theories had circulated regarding his demise, with some suggesting he had taken his own life following a dispute over infidelity, while others speculated about a family feud over the distribution of their late father’s estate. However, a family member, speaking anonymously, revealed that a post-mortem examination had determined heart failure as the cause of death.

According to the source, Coldaz bid farewell to his mother in Kuwadzana on Wednesday before staying overnight at the family home. He informed his wife of this arrangement before retiring for the night, expressing discomfort in his feet. The following morning, his mother discovered him unresponsive, and despite her attempts to rouse him, he remained motionless.

On Saturday night, hundreds of attendees gathered at Coldaz Nite Club to honor the late businessman, with Douglas Katsvairo, brother of the late sungura musician John Chibadura, lamenting the loss of a brother and advisor.

Killer T, who had been deeply indebted to Coldaz for his support during the early stages of his career, did not offer a comment despite efforts to reach out. The dancehall artist has paid tribute to Coldaz in his songs as a gesture of gratitude for the assistance he received from the businessman.

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