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Slaying Deputy Minister Takes Oath Of Office Before Emmerson Mnangagwa Today

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Thursday swore in four deputy ministers, including Sheillah Chikomo, who has already become a trending topic on social media platforms due to her striking images.

Chikomo, the newly appointed Foreign Affairs deputy minister, captured the public’s attention with her glamorous and fashion-forward appearance, earning her the title of a “slay queen” among Zimbabwean netizens.

Social media platforms have been flooded with discussions and comments about her stylish and sophisticated persona since the announcement of her recent appointment.

While the term “slay queen” is colloquial and often subjective, it generally refers to an individual, typically a woman, who is known for her impeccable sense of fashion, beauty, and social media presence.

Chikomo’s photos circulating online depict her in various chic outfits, showcasing a blend of elegance and confidence.

President Mnangagwa also swore in other deputy ministers during the ceremony.

Omphile Marupi assumed the position of Deputy Minister of Information, Benjamin Kabikira as Deputy Minister of Local Government, and Timios Kwidini as Deputy Minister of Health.

The spotlight remains on Deputy Minister Sheillah Chikomo, who continues to draw attention not only for her political role but also for her distinctive style that has set her apart in the realm of public figures.

The reactions on social media highlight the diverse opinions surrounding the intersection of politics and fashion in the country.

Source ZimEye


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