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Sir Wicknell Splashes $84k On Diana Samukange, Mathias Mhere, And Andy Muridzo

In a surprising gesture of appreciation, renowned businessman Sir Wicknell has bestowed state-of-the-art cars upon three talented musicians for their unwavering support of Angel of Hope, a charitable organization with The First Lady Dr. AMAI Auxillia Mnangagwa as its patron.

The flamboyant businessman took to his official social media account to share the exciting news.

Expressing his admiration for their dedication and performances at various charity events, Sir Wicknell congratulated Diana Samukange, Mathias Mhere, and Andy Muridzo. “While observing from afar, your continued support and entertainment at our very special Mother Zimbabwe’s Angel of Hope and many other charity events cannot go unnoticed,” he wrote.

Sir Wicknell urged the recipients to visit Exquisite Cars Dealership, where they would find three brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class cars awaiting them.

“Where I come from, we honor ladies first, so please allow Diana to choose first, and then the two superstars can choose respectively,” he added.

The generous Valentine’s Day gift from Sir Wicknell not only recognizes the talent and dedication of these musicians but also serves as a testament to their significant contributions to the Angel of Hope initiative. The musicians’ involvement in charitable events has undoubtedly helped raise funds and awareness for the organization’s noble cause.

The news of these extravagant gifts spread quickly across social media platforms, with fans and supporters praising Sir Wicknell’s generosity and the musicians’ commitment to philanthropy.

As the recipients head to Exquisite Cars Dealership, excitement and anticipation fill the air. The luxurious Mercedes Benz C-Class cars promise to add a touch of elegance to the lives of Diana Samukange, Mathias Mhere, and Andy Muridzo.

This Valentine’s Day surprise serves as a reminder of the power of recognition and appreciation in fostering a spirit of giving and unity within the music industry and the broader community.

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Sir Wicknell’s gesture not only highlights the importance of supporting charitable causes but also encourages others to contribute to meaningful initiatives.

As Diana Samukange, Mathias Mhere, and Andy Muridzo embark on their new journeys behind the wheels of their Mercedes Benz C-Class cars, they are not only driving in luxury but also carrying the torch of hope and compassion to touch the lives of those in need.



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