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Senior Masvingo Cop Arrested For Soliciting Bribe From Businessman

A recent incident in Masvingo has led to the arrest of Pedias Chinenere (48), a Police Detective Assistant Inspector and Member In Charge Administration at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID). Chinenere stands accused of soliciting a bribe of US$500 from a Mberengwa businessman, Azael Hwingwiri.

According to reports, the alleged solicitation took place when Chinenere approached Hwingwiri at Bherera Mine in Mberengwa. Claiming that the Commissioner General of Police, Godwin Matanga, would be visiting the province and donations were being collected for the occasion, Chinenere convinced Hwingwiri to hand over US$500.

The situation escalated on March 24 when Hwingwiri received a call from Memory Phiri, instructing him to give an additional US$200 to Chinenere as part of the same donation. Suspecting foul play, Hwingwiri informed a mine director named Moyo, and together they arranged to meet Chinenere at CBZ Masvingo to hand over the money.

However, upon meeting in Masvingo, Chinenere claimed he had already left for Gweru. Sensing something amiss, Hwingwiri and Moyo promptly reported the incident to CID Midlands Headquarters, setting in motion a plan to catch Chinenere red-handed.

The trap was set at the Midlands Hotel, where Chinenere was apprehended while driving an unregistered white Nissan AD van. The money received as part of the bribe was found in his possession, concealed in his trousers, leading to his immediate arrest.

Chinenere now faces charges of criminal abuse of duty and is expected to appear in court soon to answer for his alleged actions. This case serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing efforts to combat corruption within law enforcement agencies and uphold the integrity of the justice system.



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