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Robbery Suspect Linked To $720,000 Heist At Quest Financial Services Shot Dead

A suspected armed robber, believed to have been involved in a heist at Quest Financial Services in Belgravia where $720,000 was stolen, was fatally shot near Manyame River in Southlea Park. Blessing Sumbani Sithole (49) was leading detectives to the location where he had hidden a stolen pistol when he grabbed the weapon from a bush and aimed at the officers, prompting them to fire in self-defense. He later succumbed to his injuries at Sally Mugabe Hospital.

Confirming the incident, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi stated that Sithole’s death occurred during a police operation related to the February 25 robbery at Quest Financial Services. Sithole had been tracked to a residence in Makondo Extension, Chiredzi, leading to his arrest. During the operation, a revolver and a vehicle were recovered, both allegedly linked to the robbery.

Sithole’s arrest had also facilitated the recovery of a stolen pistol, which he claimed to have hidden near Manyame River. However, when retrieving the firearm, Sithole allegedly turned it on the accompanying detectives, resulting in the fatal shooting.

Nyathi emphasized the police’s commitment to human rights principles and urged suspects to comply with law enforcement instructions to avoid violent confrontations. The public was also commended for their support in providing information leading to the arrest of robbery suspects.

Following Sithole’s death, three more suspects associated with the heist appeared in court. The group is accused of robbing Lancelot Tashayawedu at gunpoint, stealing cash and valuables from his office. The suspects allegedly used various vehicles during the robbery and fled the scene when their plan was interrupted by the arrival of security personnel.

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